Sleeping on the summit: a trial before leaving to Alaska

The two months spent in preparing this trip have been nerve wrecking, so many problems, so much bureaucracy, the obstacles many, much was the information to be processed as well.

Finally, I take some time to myself, as suggested by Alastair Humphreys, I take my bike the backpack with water, something to eat, a sweatshirt and a T-shirt, tent, sleeping-mat, headlight and little else.

After a few kilometres by bike I get to Daniele’s, my my friend’s place and I leave the bike there. I continue on foot hiking to the summit of Mount Misma. It’s already dark when I reach the summit. I find a place to pitch a tent (without the flysheet – it’s hot enough) I take some pictures and I enjoy the night under the stars.
I am awakened at 6:15 by two guys who enjoy ringing the bell that is on the cross on the top of the summit.

Apart from being riddled by horseflies in climbing up, it’s a great feeling to sleep outdoors. Hopefully in the Arctic Circle in Alaska with temperatures much lower will still enjoyable.

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  1. Matt Card says:

    Hi david, I met you yesterday at Huntington Beach Pier, Ca. A couple of links may be helpful, , , several groups come up under PanamRiders , , , – they have on a bike also. I have a posting, blog or profile on the above sites. I hope this helps. All the best, Matt

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