Without individual donations that I continue to receive, this adventure would not be possible. Similarly without corporate sponsorship, in the form of a financial donation, provision of free or discounted products, it would not have been possible for me to undertake this initiative.

I am very happy, proud and humbled that so many people believe in me. Here are the companies that are supporting me, and I will use their products and write reports with related reviews of the different products along my trip.

100%FOOD 100%FOOD will supply me their meals:
– made of raw and organic ingredients
– contains all nutrients
– no cooking required
– they offered to customize their product for me based on my needs
Another great thing about 100%FOOD is that they are going to back the charities I work with and supply them with free meals. Kudos.

cream Cream Creative is a design consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. They are very talented, helping me design this site and making it happen. Given my effort to charity fundraising they donated their work on this site. I had worked with them before; their creativity and expertise will definitely impress you. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Really. Their portfolio is impressive too.

ShowersPass Showers Pass provided me with highly discounted rain gear through the UK importer. Fraser has been very helpful, supportive and prompt.

They make rain clothing that is used by many in the cycling touring community as well by cycling commuters.
I will review their products after I test field them. is an Italian distributor of Surly Bikes, I will be riding a Surly Disk Trucker supplied by BikeCafe with a generous discount.
They also distribute Salsa Bikes and have an online store in English with all sorts of bikes and accessories.

skyroamSkyroam‘s pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot is the easiest way to get fast, secure mobile internet in 100+ countries. Never worry again about hidden charges or the complication of configuring devices. Buy or rent a hotspot based on your travel plans. Get 24-hours of unlimited internet at one low daily rate worldwide for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.
Skyroam supported my trip gifting me their device and with supply me with daily passes to use during my adventure.

wpml.orgThe WordPress Multilingual Plugin WPML makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs.

WPML kindly awarded me with a free license in order to support my trip and my charity fundraising efforts. The WPML plugin let me easily create and synchronize pages and blog post in different languages.

If your company is interested in coming on board with this exciting adventure please contact me and I will forward a presentation to show you how we can work together and the mutual benefits.