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The Raw Journal posts category is a collection of long content blogs and highly unedited content (perhaps even containing a mix of languages). It is a collection of raw thoughts, images, videos or and sketches.

This is an exercise of authenticity rather than laziness; trying to frame ideas and considerations before they escape into the oblivion.



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  1. Eric says:

    Awesome blog, keep riding and keep writing 🙂

    You mentioned skipping a dinner and a breakfast — I advise strongly against that based on my own experiences camping in cold places. You need the calories to warm up your sleeping bag! Seriously; I have had shivering nights after skipping dinner, and I’m sure eating would have helped.

    Just got back from two weeks on the Aniak river, so I can sympathize about the frosty mornings and numb hands!

    • Davide Travelli says:

      I think you’re right just not used to all of this and I’m so tired at night that I just crawl in that sleeping bag a fell asleep like a baby. I’ve kicked up my calories intake though.

  2. Ste says:

    Plenty of protein on those bison Davide! Should’ve brought the shotgun. Keep the chin up

  3. jacqueline coombs says:

    Excellent..the so trudge that many of us would of given up….to the sublime hot springs..

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