Postcards Club

For those who want to participate vicariously to my journey and help me to keep pedalling around the world, I created a club of postcards, how does it works?

Simply through a one-time donation (or with a monthly subscription), you will become active participants in the adventure and you will receive a postcard designed entirely by me (or one per month should you decide to monthly subscribe).

Firstly, let’s set the record straight: I am not an artist but I try to create something unique and original. Yes, each card is unique and entirely handmade, there will be no two alike. The back of the postcard will be further personalized with an original message and different for each person who wants to receive the postcard. Also, there will be the stamps of the country where I find myself. Each card will be signed and numbered by me. If I die in the trip it could also go up in value, and in many countries the capital gains arising from art are tax-free!

To join the club simply make a donation via PayPal or by bank transfer (please contact me for the transfer for the appropriate bank account details). To receive one postcard just make a one-time donation and to receive a postcard every month just make a subscription (either through PayPal or via bank transfer) please add 5€ for each card for production and shipping costs, a suggested minimum donation is about 10€. If you want more cards just let me know.

To safely use your credit or debit card to transfer the funds simply use PayPal here: – for bank details contact me (very convenient for people with a bank account in Europe)