Official announcement: Website finally live. Finally in Alaska

It’s official: my dream is coming true. It was hard to organize everything in such a short time: much stress, many obstacles, many people to thank for making my dream come true. I almost gave up and postponed it but now it’s the right time; postponing it felt like I would be giving up forever. August here in Alaska is autumn already and the temperatures are dropping fast. I’m already late in getting started.

Now it’s time to start pedalling. I’m already in Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, more precisely at Brooks Camp. I arrived last night and I extended my stay for another night because it took me a lot of time reassemble the bike; the wheels have been slightly damaged during the last flight (everything was in excellent condition when I cleared my luggage through customs in Anchorage).

Finally, with a month of delay I can now open this site. I’d like to be able to publish an account of the preparation before I leave in a few hours because I will be off grid until I get to Fairbanks. It’s about 800km (500miles) – most of it is the famous Dalton Highway, one of the most remote and isolated roads of the US and the most northern highway of the continent. You’ve probably seen it those reality shows that follow truckers on snowy and icy winter roads (Ice Road Truckers – IRC – one season was done all on the Dalton Highway).

The site is in two languages, which is pretty challenging; sometime I write a post in English and use google to translate it into Italian. Other times I do the reverse, however the results are never perfect and time is very limited – no Pulitzer any time soon. Excuse my poor language skills, however if you feel like it, you can revise my text and send me a note with the corrections.

A big thank you to all my family, friends and all those that have helped and still are helping me.

P.S. After a poll with my friends it’s been decided my bike’s name is Isabella

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